our great big why


From Diagnosis to Departure, the In-Between and Beyond.

Living with illness--whether visible or invisible; chronic, life-limiting, life-threatening, or terminal--must leave you with more questions than answers about your past, present + future: 


     Could I have done something to prevent this?  

     What does my "new normal" look like now?  

     How will I learn to cope with an unexpected and uncertain future?  


     And:  Why me? Why now?

From diagnosis to departure, the in-between and beyond, we walk every step of the way with individuals, loved ones, and caregivers who are living in these questions--and more--for themselves or for others.  

Our services hold, support + guide you along your journey--wherever you are on your health continuum--whether you are the patient, the loved one, the informal caregiver, or the healthcare professional.  

We may not have all the answers.  

But we will ensure that you are not alone when you have the questions.

We've been there.


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