About ME

Palliative Care Nurse. Life + Health Continuum Doula. Somatic Therapy Practitioner. Spoonie.


Jenny (that's me) comes to this work with a long and passionate history of service, creative expression, holistic health and wellness, and lifelong learning. 

Long-accustomed to being a member of an interdisciplinary and collaborative team, I share my strong background as a Registered Nurse, volunteer Health Coach (Pain BC), Holistic Health Practitioner (Pure Relaxation), and Theatre Artist (Simon Fraser University).  It is this multidisciplinary approach to health, wellness, and wholeness that enriches and enhances my professional practice and my personal life.  My person- + family-centered approach to each individualized session is augmented by over 12 years of experience and education in hospice palliative care, gerontology, pain theory, trauma-informed practice, and grief, loss, + bereavement.

Additionally, living with my own pain experience and chronic health condition has given me a greater depth of understanding of the multiple dimensions of pain, stress, trauma, and chronic and life-limiting illness, which have invited me to broaden my scope of practice.  I am dedicated to walking alongside individuals, family members, and caregivers—informal and professional—at any and all points along their health and wellness continuum.

I am a strong advocate for wearing pajamas all day. I carry a kazoo in every purse. Perfecting “Stairway to Heaven” on the ukulele is on my bucket list.


Photo courtesy of Winne Lui.